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The Attorney

I have practiced law in Honolulu, HI, since 1979. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California and the Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii.

As a Counselor at Law, I emphasize my role to provide good advice and help people solve their problems in a practical manner to avoid making the same mistakes. I believe my clients deserve an attorney they can trust, and I give them the personal attention needed to achieve the best outcomes for their cases.

My motto is Na'au Pono which means the pursuit of righteousness.

The Practice

I maintain general practice. However, my specialization is in debtor and creditor remedies. For debtors, this may include debt settlements, bankruptcy (chapters 7 and 13 only), collection and foreclosure defense, and strategic business and estate planning. For creditors, this may include collections, foreclosures, representation in bankruptcy, landlord/tenant disputes, and fraudulent conveyance actions.

I come from a family established in retail and real estate. As an attorney with this background, I advise individuals and companies on business organization, transactions, and dispute resolution, including among partners, buyers, and sellers. In real estate, I provide counsel on ownership, contracts, transactions (buy/sell, leases), and dispute resolution.

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Our Fees

My hourly rate is $350, plus tax and costs. Adjustment can be made for fledgling businesses and limited incomes. Certain cases (like in collections) may be accepted on a percentage fee basis, whereby you pay little or no attorney fees (just the costs) unless there is recovery. Other cases may be accepted on a fixed-fee basis (like for standard bankruptcy services).

For instance, for Chapter 7 cases, our Basic Service Package (fees, tax, and costs) starts at $3,000 and for Chapter 13 cases, our Basic Service Package starts at $4,500.

How We Can Help You

I have served the legal needs of local folks and businesses since 1979. My mission is to provide you with prompt, courteous, reliable, and effective service 24/7. If you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney, business or real estate lawyer, please call or email for a free consultation and to make an appointment.

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